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eam D4S PROFAB Single 10″ PORTED Subwoofer Box:

Our goal with the Down4sound Prefab enclosures are to offer an amazing, low tuned enclosure at an affordable price. When searching the internet at all the cheap options available it was pretty disheartening to see people wasting their hard earned money on such garbage enclosures. Most of which are built of very flimsy material, tuned very high and either not covered or covered with some type of cheap fabric (because this makes them cheaper to build). I decided to offer a STRONG & LOW TUNED enclosure that all the true bassheads would love. That deep rich bass that is found in the lower 32hz range. 


  • 1.25 Cube Single 10″ Enclosure
  • 32Hz Tuning
  • .75″ MDF
  • Subwoofer cutout – 9 1/8″
  • Mounting Depth -11.5″
  • Black Bedliner Finish
  • Plastic terminal Cup
  • Plastic Bag
  • Foam Corners
  • Double Wall Box Shipping Box
  • Good for up to 3000w Rated Power (Any higher power than this and we highly recommend you get one of our custom hand built heavy duty enclosures)
  • Designed by Bassahaulic Productions


L x W x H: 19 x 15.5 x 13

Recommended subwoofers for example are any more budget type of subs such as any Sundown audio subwoofer up to the U series.DO NOT USE THIS BOX FOR ANY BIGGER SUB THAN THAT SUCH AS THE X SERIES, ZV5 SERIES AND UP. IT WILL BREAK THE BOX. Anything above that in size and you would want to purchase one of our custom one off (hand built to order) subwoofer boxes.


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